Correct inhalation of medication is important

It is important that inhaler devices are used correctly. Correct use of an inhaler is not, however, straightforward. Studies suggest that many patients use their inhalers in a suboptimal way, often without being aware of it. This will reduce the amount of deposition of the drug at the appropriate site in the lung, thereby reducing its potential effect. Correct inhalation technique is a fundamental component of successful and efficient treatment of patients with asthma and COPD.

Uniform instructions to the patient are important

It is important that patients are provided with simple but comprehensive, and above all uniform instructions on how to use inhalers by every caregiver they may encounter, thereby preventing confusing and possibly conflicting advice. This is likely to facilitate optimal usage of inhaler devices.
The inhalation protocols and user instructions on this website have been developed by an expert team from the Dutch Lung Alliance (Long Alliantie Nederland, LAN). The protocols have been formulated based on the instructions provided by the manufacturers, existing protocols from health care organisations and relevant data from the literature if available. In addition, they have been assembled to a uniform format and sequence, while the instructional videos adhere closely to the steps and wording of the corresponding written protocols for caregivers and patients.

How can the information on the website be used?

The protocols are freely accessible via the LAN website (Dutch: and we intend to make them available in various languages here on the ADMIT site. We commend them for routine, daily use to all caregivers involved in teaching patients, both adults and children, to use inhaler devices and spacers for the management of asthma and COPD.
Caregivers may also refer patients to this website and use it to refine their own techniques! We trust that it will be an aid to self management and pave the road towards optimal usage of inhaled medicines.


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pdf-icon AeroChamber with mask  download
pdf-icon AeroChamber with mouthpiece  download
pdf-icon Volumatic  download
pdf-icon Babyhaler® with mask  download
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