This section contains a list of things you should do (DOs) and things you shouldn’t do (DON’Ts) when using the Respimat. This list only covers items known from practice to be the most important and most likely to be forgotten or performed incorrectly by patients; this information is in addition to the prescribing and other information provided with the Respimat.

uso_si DO
uso_no DON’T
  • Open the device by pushing the lever right
  • Activate the inhaler by turning the lower part of the inhaler half way round to the right till you hear a click
  • Breathe out deeply
  • Seal lips around mouth piece
  • Actuate the inhaler
  • Breathe in slowly until lungs are full
  • Hold breath for at least 5 seconds
  • Close it after use
  • Check your dose counter regularly
  • Always keep a spare inhaler
  • Stop breathing in when you feel the medicine in your mouth
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